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Lennox Healthy Climate™ Solutions for Air Purification

The PureAir Air Purification System cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy.

PureAir™. Real Solutions For Real Families.

This is the ultimate in safe, healthy, whole-home air purification. Offering hospital-grade filtration featuring the Lennox Healthy Climate™ Carbon Clean 16® air filter that removes over 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19* from the air*, as well as even smaller viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores. Also, unlike other purification systems, the PureAir™ produces zero lung-irritating ozone and actively removes existing ozone found in the home*. And its filter features a design that ensures the least airflow resistance* for unmatched efficiency and consistently clean, perfect air. 

One Solution For The Whole Home And Everyone In It

Single-area air cleaners may help the air in one room, but they don’t address pollutants that can circulate throughout your entire home. PureAir™ is a whole-home solution that means cleaner air in every room. And every breath.

The Single Solution For Everything In Your Air

Many air cleaning systems filter out particles. Some combat germs, and some fight odors. But only the PureAir™ Air Purification System addresses all three types of indoor air pollutants.

  • Airborne Particles - You can’t see them. But you don’t want to breathe them. PureAir™ filters out more than 95% particles down to .3 micron.
  • Germs and Bacteria - If they make it into circulation, they can make you sick. PureAir™ combats 90% of germs and bacteria down to .01 micron.
  • Chemical Odors and Vapors - Unpleasant smells can have unpleasant effects. PureAir™ removes household odors and chemical vapors from sources like pets, cleaning products and cooking appliances.

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