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The AC installation process can be complex, but it is essential to ensure that your trusted cooling system replacements are installed correctly and efficiently. When working on an HVAC unit with so many parts, there's always the chance of old components due to aging. These components tend to go out when you need them to work the most. -Which will only lead to frustration when you're expecting cool air instead of hot!

What do you get when your AC system gives out on a hot day? A headache! No one wants to suffer through an uncomfortable summer afternoon with no air conditioning. The good news is: there are so many new options available for homeowners looking at upgrading their HVAC units - but how does someone know which one to choose, or if it's even time to replace the old one?

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When you're getting ready to replace your cooling system, some surefire signs will tell it's time. Here we go!

1) Unusual noises coming out of the system
2) Abnormal amounts of humidity
3) You have an extremely old system
4) Your system needs to be repaired very frequently
5) Not all rooms feel the same
6) Your energy bills are higher than usual
7) You are still using a system that is based on soon to be phased out R22 refrigerant


Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

Do you know what's better than a system that demands frequent repairs? A new one! If you're still not sure about getting your home up to speed with modern home comfort, here are some reasons why it's time for an upgrade:

1. This is the best way to save money. Not only will your system work less, but you can also enjoy all those energy-saving benefits.
2. With the highly efficient cooling systems, you'll never have to worry about noise again. Today's units are much quieter than older models, so it won't bother your neighbors or wake up people living nearby.
3. The best sleep of your life is a new system away. Your new system will keep the temperature perfect for rest and you won't have those sweaty nights again!
4. With Indoor air quality, you'll be able to breathe easier. You will have a higher quality of life.

We know how essential it is to find the right cooling system for your home, and our experts can help you make sure that happens. You may not be aware of this, but there are a few things that should influence what type of unit best suits your requirements—including the size of your house, what you value in comfort and how many people live with you at home. Don't take any chance with something as critical as indoor comfort; call us today at (800) 828-LOVE.


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